Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dru & Leroy Play

We have a visitor this weekend who likes to play as much as me!

Friday, December 3, 2010

December on the HIll

Things are going well here on the hill. My big sis went out for a walk with us and she had a really good time, mostly she stays at home but today.... oooolala. I celebrated by running circles around her and just had a good time!!

Farmer even did a little running of her own......isn't she so cute?

My mom set the camera down and I decided to try my hand at a self portrait........ I think my arms just weren't long enough. :)

This is me romping and having a blast with my bud Arlo.

This is me hanging in the grass...

This is me "totally grooving (if you know what I mean man)" the grass..... okay my mom goes a little to far sometimes and she's a nut but she's just playing around.

Below some random pics...

Second self portrait....getting better eh? I'm available for hire.... to bad I'm missing the puppy party, I could have made quite a bit of dough.

Short video of Dru and his favorite squeaky toy.

The end!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of Dru

Life is very nice here on the hill. Farmer (who didn't make an appearance here today) is doing good. She's getting old but she keeps my in line. We are taking shorter walks with her as she's getting started with her medikashun.

This is my special friend Chloe - we love each other - can't you tell by the loving expression on our faces.:)

My mom took a bunch of pictures this morning and this one really shows my handsome body. I look really chubby but I'm all ribs - honest.

Me waiting patiently for the ball.

If you look real close at my left leg it's still trying to be a pointer, I guess that's what happens when one's breeding is er -a- well..... questionable? lol

My mom takes these silly shots of my trying to get away from the annoying flash of the camera and then what does she do??????? She puts it on the blog for all to see! I don't think it's funny at all. (I still hear her laughing)

My mom has "special" time with me every evening and look how I repay her - I bring her her lovely hand knit scarf and try to get her to play tug with me. Guess what? She didn't play. Instead she gave me nice calming pats - yeah!!!

I heard my brother is having some tough times, Keifer I have my paws crossed that you will get better real soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dru, Farmer and Late Summer

Dru has been enjoying tearing up the front yard! He starts with a piece of grass that he shreds then finds there's a lovely patch of dirt that he gets to destroy.

The best part is the muddy mess he tries to get inside with but alas he gets his to do his second favorite activity - play in the water!

Look at how clean I am, what a good boy!! I'm not sure what Farmer thinks about it, she just walks around making faces. She's probably thinking what a cutie I am, yeah that's it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things have changed!

Okay so I am way behind but will try to get caught up. Hawthorne is now Dru, not a surprise to many of you. I (Dru) have been uber socializing with with people, puppies, dogs and the city.
I go somewhere just about everyday. My mom is insane but I'm turning out to be quite a good boy so I guess it's okay.

Farmer is dealing with the little (big) Dru very nicely. She tends to just do her thing and if he gets too close or she's just a bit crabby she'll let him know and he just goes on doing something different.

So here are some pictures (not many) to catch you up.

I think these are my siblings Dahlia, Moss, Keifer, and Dandelion?

This is Dru lookin a bit tired that same day.

Farmer and Dru relaxing in the yard.

Playing with Dahlia on craft day at SBF.

My friend Chloe. We play tug and bitey face several times a week. She's really nice.

I'll do more later! There is still a bit of catching up to do!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farmer Posing & Me - Just Hanging out

Here is a picture of Farmer and we were thinking it would be PERFECT for the next calendar, what do you think?

I had another play date today with my sista Leelah Bean and it went really well. We did get a little ruff a couple of times but we just took a break and then played some more. Another dog, Truman came to play but we didn't really do a lot of playing.

This is me and my cute face or at least that's what I've been told.

More pictures!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing with my Sista!

This is me on the way home. Wiped Out!

This is me, "double wide" next to little Bean.
Don't let the size fool you, sis is quite a pip.

Tousle at it's best! Yee Haw!!

You may not notice but we are both just sssooo

Me on top and below (just to be fair) Leelah on top!

Greetings went really well. Thanks Elise!

Also, again thanks to Lynn and Amy!! really
wonderful pups. Hope others can join next

Hey! What Happened to my Ear?

Just yesterday my ears were the same and look at me now! Will they both go up?
Oh yeah, mom likes Farmers butt. It does show a little of the pretty countryside.

Runnin & Rollin on the Hill

This is Hawthorne and Farmer walking in the (hilly) horse pasture near the house. He gets up a little steam and will either roll or plop to a stop.

Notice the ears are down. (Just wait one day!) Enjoying a moment with big sis.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Pictures to Enjoy

(Farmer and Hawthorne wanted you to know my mom tried to make a movie with music and thought she had.....but nnnooooo.... she's not quite there. Don't worry she says she'll keep trying. )

Here are more pictures to enjoy. Farmer doing her best to show that it's not all that bad having a new puppy in the house. Here's to butt touching

This is me, Hawthorne lookin pretty handsome.

Here I am again looking oh so fabulous. Don't you wish you could just reach out and give me a nice puppy squeeze.