Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farmer Posing & Me - Just Hanging out

Here is a picture of Farmer and we were thinking it would be PERFECT for the next calendar, what do you think?

I had another play date today with my sista Leelah Bean and it went really well. We did get a little ruff a couple of times but we just took a break and then played some more. Another dog, Truman came to play but we didn't really do a lot of playing.

This is me and my cute face or at least that's what I've been told.

More pictures!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playing with my Sista!

This is me on the way home. Wiped Out!

This is me, "double wide" next to little Bean.
Don't let the size fool you, sis is quite a pip.

Tousle at it's best! Yee Haw!!

You may not notice but we are both just sssooo

Me on top and below (just to be fair) Leelah on top!

Greetings went really well. Thanks Elise!

Also, again thanks to Lynn and Amy!! really
wonderful pups. Hope others can join next

Hey! What Happened to my Ear?

Just yesterday my ears were the same and look at me now! Will they both go up?
Oh yeah, mom likes Farmers butt. It does show a little of the pretty countryside.

Runnin & Rollin on the Hill

This is Hawthorne and Farmer walking in the (hilly) horse pasture near the house. He gets up a little steam and will either roll or plop to a stop.

Notice the ears are down. (Just wait one day!) Enjoying a moment with big sis.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Pictures to Enjoy

(Farmer and Hawthorne wanted you to know my mom tried to make a movie with music and thought she had.....but nnnooooo.... she's not quite there. Don't worry she says she'll keep trying. )

Here are more pictures to enjoy. Farmer doing her best to show that it's not all that bad having a new puppy in the house. Here's to butt touching

This is me, Hawthorne lookin pretty handsome.

Here I am again looking oh so fabulous. Don't you wish you could just reach out and give me a nice puppy squeeze.

Hawthorne & Farmer - Day two

Here is a video of Farmer and Hawthorne having their first walk in the woods behind the house. (From Hawthorne and Farmer - Mom is trying to match up music and video but I think she has a ways to go. It's the only song for now so it may appear more than once, that is unless she can find something new. Hey, give her a break, this all really new to her.)

Hawthorne on the Hill

Here's our first try at a blog! Hawthorne arrived yesterday and we had our first walk in the woods.