Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things have changed!

Okay so I am way behind but will try to get caught up. Hawthorne is now Dru, not a surprise to many of you. I (Dru) have been uber socializing with with people, puppies, dogs and the city.
I go somewhere just about everyday. My mom is insane but I'm turning out to be quite a good boy so I guess it's okay.

Farmer is dealing with the little (big) Dru very nicely. She tends to just do her thing and if he gets too close or she's just a bit crabby she'll let him know and he just goes on doing something different.

So here are some pictures (not many) to catch you up.

I think these are my siblings Dahlia, Moss, Keifer, and Dandelion?

This is Dru lookin a bit tired that same day.

Farmer and Dru relaxing in the yard.

Playing with Dahlia on craft day at SBF.

My friend Chloe. We play tug and bitey face several times a week. She's really nice.

I'll do more later! There is still a bit of catching up to do!!!!

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