Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of Dru

Life is very nice here on the hill. Farmer (who didn't make an appearance here today) is doing good. She's getting old but she keeps my in line. We are taking shorter walks with her as she's getting started with her medikashun.

This is my special friend Chloe - we love each other - can't you tell by the loving expression on our faces.:)

My mom took a bunch of pictures this morning and this one really shows my handsome body. I look really chubby but I'm all ribs - honest.

Me waiting patiently for the ball.

If you look real close at my left leg it's still trying to be a pointer, I guess that's what happens when one's breeding is er -a- well..... questionable? lol

My mom takes these silly shots of my trying to get away from the annoying flash of the camera and then what does she do??????? She puts it on the blog for all to see! I don't think it's funny at all. (I still hear her laughing)

My mom has "special" time with me every evening and look how I repay her - I bring her her lovely hand knit scarf and try to get her to play tug with me. Guess what? She didn't play. Instead she gave me nice calming pats - yeah!!!

I heard my brother is having some tough times, Keifer I have my paws crossed that you will get better real soon.