Friday, December 3, 2010

December on the HIll

Things are going well here on the hill. My big sis went out for a walk with us and she had a really good time, mostly she stays at home but today.... oooolala. I celebrated by running circles around her and just had a good time!!

Farmer even did a little running of her own......isn't she so cute?

My mom set the camera down and I decided to try my hand at a self portrait........ I think my arms just weren't long enough. :)

This is me romping and having a blast with my bud Arlo.

This is me hanging in the grass...

This is me "totally grooving (if you know what I mean man)" the grass..... okay my mom goes a little to far sometimes and she's a nut but she's just playing around.

Below some random pics...

Second self portrait....getting better eh? I'm available for hire.... to bad I'm missing the puppy party, I could have made quite a bit of dough.

Short video of Dru and his favorite squeaky toy.

The end!

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